Photography Tips for Your Big Day

All brides want wonderful pictures of their wedding day. Here are six easy tips for better wedding photos.


1) Avoid Looking at the Camera (Unless your photographer asks you to)
Have you ever wondered why you don’t see actors looking directly into the camera in the movies? One of the reasons is to give the impression that the camera is “invisible.” So, watching a movie is like seeing all the action without being noticed. Not looking to the photographer will yield more natural-looking pictures.


2) Slow Down

Don’t rush your day. After you and your groom are official, walk back down the aisle slowly. Enjoy the moment. Take in the excitement and emotions of your guests. Smile at each other. Soak in the love of the moment.


3) Smile More
The moment you’ve always dreamt of has finally arrived and you may be really anxious. Sometimes it’s good to take a deep breath and relax. Many brides spend the whole time at their ceremony with a serious expression. You want beautiful photos, don’t you? You want to look gorgeous, don’t you? It’s simple. Simply smile more. Let go of all the stress and planning. Smile while you’re walking down the aisle and during the whole ceremony. Relax, enjoy the day and really try to enjoy each moment. Oh! It’s good if your husband is all smiles also, right? Oh and smile through those kisses, this will help avoid any awkward lips puckers while kissing. J


4) Show Off Your Love
Do you want to know one thing that EVERY wedding photographer likes? Wedding photographers like couples who interact with each other. What instantly makes a wedding picture more appealing are couples that look at each other, that smile at each other and that show off their feelings and love. And stay together during the reception! Spend time visiting friends and family together, eat together, and of course, dance with each other!


5) Avoid Boooooooooring Formals
The formals have the potential to be the most boring pictures ever. How about we make them fun and try to create uncommon pictures? The guys can stand arm-crossed and looking each one to a different side… The bridesmaids can crack up for a really natural picture. The intention is to think outside the box and get more enjoyable photos in addition to the simple “stand in a line” shot.


6) Have Fun
The first thing to put in your head is that you must have fun on your wedding day. Forget about minor problems or insignificant details. Enjoy each moment of your day. So, laugh a lot, make funny expressions and be playful. Even if the two of you need a glass or two of champagne. Don’t forget, it’s a day to really be happy and to celebrate.